Did The Nazis Have A Secret Space Program?

For several decades now, there have been several rumors of a bell or “Die Glocke” in Germany which was a space shuttle shaped like UFO or a saucer and was developed by the WWII Nazis. Over a period of time, there was mounting evidence that confirmed that the Nazi’s did develop advanced technologies which allowed them to carry out missions out of the earth’s orbit which took Germany in space.

Some new documents that were unearthed confirmed a secret Nazi space program. In these documents, it was indicated that the Nazi technology paved the ways to the Germans to new space inventions so that they could travel beyond earth and this design was called the “Nazi Bell”, also known as “Die Glocke.”

What exactly is the “Nazi Bell”?

There have been many claims that the Nazi’s may have visited the moon, mars and even the Aldebaran solar system much before anyone else in the world. This particular aircraft that they designed as a part of their space inventions could sustain beyond earth’s orbit.

This was a highly secretive operation and was unknown to the rest of the world. It was the nucleus of Germany’s secret space program and was being carried out for almost a century before the rumors started. The main focal point of the space program is the Bell and was often referred to as “wunderwaffe” and it means wonder weapon. It had a wide bottom and narrow top similar to a church bell and that is why it was named so.

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What was the purpose of the Nazi Bell?

The Bell had an effect zone ranging from 490 to 660 feet around the circumference of the aircraft. Witnesses claim that certain unexplainable things happened in this zone like formations of crystals in animal tissues and plants turning greasy and like a gel. Although the main purpose of the “Nazi Bell” is unclear, many historians believe that Germans wanted to explore the moon’s surface.

Evidence leading to the existence of Nazi Bell

There have been several historians in the past who have collected elaborate evidence of the existence of the Nazi Bell and describing the benefits of space exploration.  They also personally interviewed some of the people who have witnessed and worked closely in the building of this spacecraft. On the other hand, some scientists and space experts have also rubbished the entire theory because most of the information is coming from conspiracy theorists. So the world is yet to see and believe if this whole concept is really true.

The Final Words

Many conspiracy theorists were questioned about the existence of the Bell and what happened to it. They believe that its location was shifted to the Arctic Circle or South America during WWII. It is believed that the Nazi’s still continue their secret operations of developing UFO technologies and are able to communicate with extra-terrestrial beings. However, if the world has to believe that the Bell actually existed, it actually puts Germany ahead of the rest of the world in terms of space technology.

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